An Irrelevant Perspective

A feather touch and dawn creeps over the mountains, through dew-covered trees, sliding silently over the calm reservoir, fingers lightly touching sleepers into wakefulness as it has done for millennia. Up until now, little has disturbed the silent blossoming of light in the natural parkland of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

Now though, things have changed. A new sight greets the eyes of migrant birds, and ancient pathways through unspoiled lands have been disturbed. Unemotional mechanical arms wield powerful tools that are not aware of the ancient wisdom they are destroying. Trees that are unique to the area and that have enjoyed protection during the tens of years that they took to grow are uprooted in an instant and thoughtlessly thrown aside.

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A View from Irrelevance

Sometimes it’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that we are related. All right, divergence happened a long time ago but you would have thought some sense of the fundamental essence that links us would remain. And yet, when you look at the way the human animal has evolved into a selfish and greedy biped, it’s difficult to reconcile our common ancestry.

Of course, I may be contemplative but I’m not stupid. The fact that me and mine long ago achieved a plateau of contentment allowing us to meditate the infinite and ancient wisdom of the cosmos whilst chewing thoughtfully on a succulent mouthful of hay is no indicator that I can’t see the spectral aura of rational development that accompanies every one of you upright apes.

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Montseny Natural Park

The Natural Park of Montseny is located in the Prelitoral Cordillera of Catalonia, the foot-mountains of the mighty Pyrenean Barrier.

The park covers an area of more than 30,000 hectares and lies over 18 municipalities and two provinces of the autonomous region of Catalonia: Girona and Barcelona. It is a spectacular recreational area set aside for the preservation of flora and fauna that is hard-pressed in other regions.

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Córdoba Capital City

Walking through the streets of Córdoba is like taking a journey in a time machine, being whisked back to the 8th century A.D. and having a front seat view as history’s characters parade, in glorious Technicolour, before your eyes.

The AVE train, punctual to the second, leaves you well placed to easily reach the centre of town. The journey-through-time-show begins almost as soon as you leave the station. Well tended parks and modern buildings providing a glimpse of how, even though in possession of one of the finest collections of archeologically important buildings in Spain, Córdoba faces the future with eyes wide open.

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Ronda, Málaga

Strategically positioned on an immensely high sandstone bluff, Ronda looks over the surrounding mountains confident that invaders can be easily seen long before they arrive in the narrow, picturesque streets. As many of the buildings that have survived over the centuries can bear testimony, Ronda has been witness to successive waves of invasion.

Early evidence of an embryonic human desire for abstract representation comes from cave paintings discovered in the nearby Cave of La Pileta indicating that Ronda has been home to humans since Palaeolithic times. Later, the roman historian, Pliny the Younger, records that the Iberocelts established a settlement in the area that is now Ronda, calling it Arunda, in the 6th century B.C.

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Óle – A Thesis

Óle! A thesis.

The aircraft was being buffeted around like a leaf in a white water river. Looking out of the small window, I could see clouds racing along, extended trails of vapour being torn to shreds as we neared the ground.

The pilot’s voice, usually unheard either through static noise or lack of interest, came over the intercom with spooky clarity. His slight Spanish accent made the words strangely easier to understand although, as we approached the runway, all my senses seemed to be at maximum alert anyway.

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St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount on the south Cornish Coast, is a taste of vital history. This was a place of action, event and causality. St Michael’s Mount is today a thriving community whose lifeblood is the fishing industry and tourism and, being the mirror of a similar community,  Mont St. Michele, in France, one of the most curious places on earth.

The church, built on the summit of the island after the Norman invasion when St Michael’s Mount was granted to the Benedictine Abbey of Mont St Michel in France, is the starting point of the story and a visual testament to the links between the Normans and their newly conquered lands.

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